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Installation of DSM and ADAS cameras

1)    Install an application “TS_Installer”to android system phone.

(This app is developed by our company,only works on android system phone).


2)  After the device is started, the mobile phone search WIFI which is called

"TS-AP-Equipment-xxxxx",enter password 123456789 to connect the device.


3)  Open the DSM video stream, the installer needs to sit in the normal driving state, adjust the camera angle to make sure the installer’s head is in the middle of the screen.


4)  Fix the camera firmly to avoid that the installation angle is changed by external force. Notice: Hands on the steering wheel can not block the face.

Fatigue Driving with Advanced Driver Ass

DSM camera

Fatigue Driving with Advanced Driver Ass

ADAS camera

Fatigue Driving with Advanced Driver Ass

Equipment Installation


1. Notices:


1. Comply with all electronic product specifications, vehicle and other connecting equipment requirements when installing and operating equipment.


2. Power supply and ground:

a) Use DC power supply for video recorder. Please pay attention to the positive and negative polarity when connecting power supply.

b) The input voltage range of the DVR is 9 V-36 V. Do not connect to the power supply beyond this range. If the voltage is too low, the vehicle video recorder will not work properly, and if the voltage is too high, the vehicle video recorder will be damaged.

c) It is suggested that the vehicle video recorder should be connected directly to the battery power output. Please note that do not connect to the engine power output, because the engine output may produce instantaneous high voltage at start-up, which will damage the onboard video recorder.

d) Even if the equipment is turned off, the machine is electrified, to avoid short circuit, disconnect the power supply of device before connecting other external devices.

e) Connect the ground wire of the equipment correctly to the ground wire of the vehicle to form a loop.

f) If you do not use the machine for a long time, it is best to completely disconnect the power supply of the equipment to extend the service life.

g) It is recommended to put a wear-resistant, heat-resistant, waterproof and oil-proof casing on the outside of the power cord to prevent short-circuit or open circuit due to long-term vibration and friction on the vehicle.


3. Humidity requirements:

a) Install equipment in a dry environment to avoid moisture, dripping, water spray, etc. Do not install the device in a place where it may accumulate water or a wet place where liquid will drip.

b) Do not touch the device with wet hands, or touch the device while standing in the water or in contact with other water sources, because there is a risk of electric shock.


2. Installation

DVR Main device installation


1. In order to extend the life of the equipment, please install the equipment as far as possible in the part where the vehicle vibration is weak.

2. Device should be installed at the place with good ventilation: please keep the distance at least 6 inches(15 centimeters) away from other device to facilitate the circulation and heat dissipation of the air; it shouldn’t be installed in the confined space(such as rear trunk of the vehicle).

3. The external wiring of the equipment should be adequately spaced and protected by a flame-retardant tube to ensure that the wire is not bent or leaks due to vibration and wear.

4. Make sure that the device is away from the heat source on the vehicle. There should be no sundries around the device. It is strictly forbidden to place any items on the device.

5. The equipment can only be installed horizontally or laterally (if there are installation requirements in other directions, please consult the manufacturer first). Any other angle of installation may damage the equipment and is strictly prohibited.

6. Insert sim card and TF card accurately as indicated on the device.

Fatigue Driving with Advanced Driver Ass
Fatigue Driving with Advanced Driver Ass
Fatigue Driving with Advanced Driver Ass

Usually, we use mobile application for ADAS Calibration

1.Installation position The DMS camera needs to be installed under the left side of the A pillar of the vehicle as follow; and the ADAS camera needs to be installed on the front windshield.


2.Distance requirement The distance between driver’s head to camera is within 60cm-120cm.


3.Installation mode Glue the ADAS camera to the front windshield and fix the DSM camera at the car body by screw(or glue the DSM camera,it depends on the camera type). DSM debugging


Usually, we use mobile application to debug DSM installation angle

a) Horizon/Vanish line calibration Measure the height of the ADAS camera installation to the ground, Find an equal height reference in front of 3 to 5 meters. make sure the red line of the debug screen coincides with it through clicking “+”“-” to adjust the data.


b)  Hood line calibration The red line of the debugging screen coincides with the car hood line by clicking “+”“-”.


c)  Parameters calibration

Fatigue Driving with Advanced Driver Ass
Fatigue Driving with Advanced Driver Ass
Fatigue Driving with Advanced Driver Ass

Vehicle Width: Distance between wheels. Measure the distance from the outer edge of the left side to right side of the vehicle wheels and input it.


Camera to wheel:Measure the height from camera to the center of front wheel and input it(For truck or buses, some vehicles wheels are located behind, in this case, please input 20 cm)


Camera to Bumper Length:Measure the distance between camera and front bumper of vehicle and input it.(Default:100cm)


Camera Height: Measure the height from the camera to ground and input it.


Camera Center: Distance from the center of the windshield to camera lens (“-“: Left Side, “+”:Right Side) .


If the camera is attached 5 cm to the right from the center, input 5.

If the camera is attached 5 cm to the left from the center, input -5.


d.LDW Sensitivity Setting

LDW Sensitivity:


0 means that the alarm occurs when the vehicle just on the lane line; a negative value indicates that alarm occurs when the distance to the lane line equal absolute value of the value you set; a positive value indicates that alarm when the vehicle out of the lane line and the distance equal the value you set.


FCW Sensitivity:


How many seconds from the car to the car ahead to generate an alarm.


e).There is an "apply" button at the right bottom corner of the last page after all the parameters are set. Make sure to click it, otherwise the parameters you have set will not be saved

Fatigue Driving with Advanced Driver Ass

Wiring connection method:


Power cable connection method: Open the cover of the car safety box and measure the voltage with a multimeter. As shown in the figure, the range of the voltage of the car power supply is between DC11V and 13V. (The multimeter red pen is positive and the black pen is negative.) Find out the positive and negative poles of the power supply.


Description: Normal power supply means that no matter whether the car key is inserted or not, as long as the battery has electricity, this wire has electricity;


ACC line:

refers to the key from ON to ACC, this line has no electricity, after the key has been screwed to ON, this line has electricity.


Connection method:


The positive pole (red) of the power supply is directly connected to the positive pole of the automobile battery(power), the negative pole is connected to the negative pole of the automobile battery (i.e. touch iron); the ACC line (yellow) is connected to the ACC line of the automobile.


After the connection is completed, junction point should be wrapped with insulating tape to avoid electric shock and damage of equipment caused by short circuit.


When the line passing through the corner, connection part or other places of the vehicle, the outer skin of the conductor should be insulated and wrapped with insulating tape, so as to avoid long-term friction between the conductor and the car, resulting in the wear and tear of the protective adhesive tape of the conductor ,which might cause short circuit.


Friendly Reminder:


In principle, the first option of power supply is the reserved power of the automobile, and the second is the power of the automobile media audio or cigarette lighter, as these power will not affect other configurations of the automobile. Avoiding wrong wiring can lead to many minor faults.


Install GPS antenna


Make sure you don't switch on the equipment power first!


1)The arc side of the GPS antenna face the sky, and there is no metal shielding and electromagnetic shielding above.

2) In order to receive good signal, the flat bottom of the GPS antenna should be installed as flat as possible, and the angle should not exceed 45 degrees.

3) The wiring is as concealed as possible: first, it is beautiful; second, it is to prevent unintentional or intentional damage.

4) Suggested installation location of GPS receiver: under the front windshield or under the rear windshield.if it can be installed on the top of the car, the receiving effect is the best;

5) Generally, the GPS antenna interface on the left side of the device is in silver, and the GPS antenna interface is also in silver!


Install 4G antenna


Make sure you don't switch on the equipment power first!


1)To avoid signal being interfered, the 4G antenna should keep distance from other cables.

2)To avoid the interference between 4G signal and the wireless devices in the car (such as radio), it is suggested that the distance between the 4G antenna and these devices should be further than 50 cm.

3) Suggested installation location of 3G/4G antenna: concealment place such as under the front windshield, under the seat or under the panel ,under the rear windshield.

4) It is better that do not put the unit ,the 4G antenna, the GPS antenna together, and try to keep the distance above 20 centimeters at least.

5) The 4G antenna can be fixed by double-sided glue or velcro. The antenna connector should be tightened to avoid the looseness of the connector caused by long-term vibration, which might affect the signals reception and transmission.

Appendix: Common Questions and Answers

Q: What should I do if the product has problems that I can't handle?

A: please record the product model and software version number, submit detailed problem description, phenomenon, picture to our technical support engineer for analysis. The more detailed you describe, the more convenient it will be for us to analyze and process.


Q: What if the on-board device does not have a video output?

A: Check the connection status of the host video output line and the display.


Q: the device is turned on and the TF card has been inserted successfully, but it doesn’t record?

A: check that the SD card is in good contact


Q: The GPS module exists,but has no coordinate information.

A: 1. Check whether the GPS antenna is broken or not, and whether it connects well or not.It is recommended to install it in a place       with strong signal. Note that some car glass shielding film will block the GPS signal.

    2. If it is tested in the room,the GPS signal is shielded or weak. It is recommended that the GPS antenna be placed outdoors or          outside of the window.


Q: GPS geographical location in the map shows deviation?

A: If the GPS module is already positioned, the signal is valid. There are many reasons for the deviation, such as:government restrictions, error tolerance, GPS signal interruption, etc. The actual map will deviate a little for safety reason. The general this kind of problem can be solved by using GPS correction.


Q: The device is not online on the platform?

A: Please check whether the 4G antenna connect well or not. If the signal is too weak, it may not be able to dial successfully; in addition, check if the SIM card has enough flow. If there is no flow, the device will not be able to go online.




Troubleshooting: The device is not online.

(1).Check whether the device terminal number is correct or not. Enter 12 digits terminal number according to the platform, set IP and port correct correctly.

(2). Check whether the 4G signal of the device is normal. If there is no signal, change a place and look at the signal. If there is no 4G signal, there may be a problem with the SIM card.

(3). Check the information on the platform.

(4). If the device does not go online, please check whether the SIM card is installed and the installation is abnormal or not (usually the chip side is in upward direction), check whether the SIM card has enough flow, if the card expires or the card is stopped, the device will not go online.

(5). After all the above problems have been checked, the problem cannot be solved. Please connect customer support for further help.




Troubleshooting: The device can not be located


(1). Check whether the antenna is inserted incorrectly or not, the GPS antenna is in silver, and the 4G antenna is in golden. If the two antennas are inserted incorrectly, it will affect whether the device is positioned.

(2). Check whether the GPS antenna is damaged or broken. (3). Replace the GPS antenna (the device positioning after replacement may be caused by the GPS antenna itself ).

(4). Check whether the GPS antenna installation position is blocked by other shields. If there are multiple devices having same problem in the area, after installing the device, drive the vehicle out of this area and see whether the equipment will be positioned. (5). Check whether there are other equipment installed inside the vehicle or not, to avoid interference between the two antennas, keep a certain distance between 2 antennas at least 30 cm. (The installation area might have other large equipment installed ,it might cause the GPS signal Interference ).

(6). After all the above problems have been checked, the problem cannot be solved. Please connect customer support for further help.

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